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  • Who is WaysOut Hong Kong?
    WaysOut Hong Kong is a local social enterprise established in 2019. Our social mission is to empower underprivileged women through upcycling household food waste to jewelry and to promote "sustainable lifestyle for all". Find out more about us.
  • What do you do?
    WaysOut Hong Kong addresses the issue of local food waste by Upcycling household food waste into Jewelry Providing educational workshops to draw public awareness on this issue Creating job & skill development opportunities for local underprivileged mothers by recruiting them into our upcycling production
  • Where do you work and what kind of companies do you work with?
    Our work is mostly online so you can get in touch with us through email or our social media whenever you want. We also collaborate with NGOs, social enterprises, and companies that share our missions, so it is possible to find our products in stores. For current collaborations includes: Mother’s Choice, Green Lady, Feeding Hong Kong, Voltra, and Dream Impact.
  • How did you start?
    WaysOut Hong Kong started with a desire to eliminate household food waste and to raise public awareness of the issue as there is NO food waste collection scheme in Hong Kong, while it comprises 65 % of the total amount of food waste. So we turned our idea into action by joining two social innovation incubations programs of VolTra and Innovator Farm, which have funded Ways Out Hong Kong with an amount totaling HKD$150,000.
  • How do you collect the household food waste for upcycling?
    WaysOut team collects the food waste generated from our own households and other partnered NGOs for example “Feeding Hong Kong” using our tailor made WaysOut food waste collection bag.
  • Do you collect all the household food waste?
    No, we only collect fruit and veggie scraps.
  • Are you targeting the quantity of food waste collected?
    While reducing the amount of household food waste is one of our initiatives, we are not focusing on its numeric value as the upcycling process to jewelry only requires a small amount of food waste. Therefore, we advocate for behavioral change through education which we believe will have a greater and long lasting impact.
  • How do you ensure the quality of the food waste collected?
    All the food waste will be collected using our tailor made WaysOut bag and will be sorted out manually before further processing to ensure they are probably stored and separated.
  • How do you recruit your beneficiaries (underprivileged mothers) and what kinds of benefits do you provide?
    WaysOut Hong Kong partners with Mother’s Choice and recruits their beneficiaries into our production team. With flexible working hours and our 3-stage #MarvelMami Talent Development program, they can develop their handicraft talents and skills with financial rewards.
  • What do you provide ?
    We provide opportunities, products and services. Sustainable Jewelry with affordable pricing Career & Skill development opportunities for local underprivileged mothers Educational workshops for general public to experience the journey of upcycling food waste and be informed about the food waste issue Tailor-made plans for Corporate and organizations to hit their sustainability goals
  • How are you funded?
    WaysOut is a social enterprise funded by the startup fund we won from competitions and currently the SIE fund from the government. Therefore, we do not receive any donations and aims to be self-sustainable in the long run.
  • How big is your team?
    We have 3 dedicated founders and 4 underprivileged mothers in our production team.
  • Can you collect my household food waste?
    Due to our limited capacity, we cannot collect your household food waste but we welcome you to join our workshop or purchase our WaysOut bag to have first-hand experience of collecting food waste.
  • I am a company/NGO/social enterprise. How can I get involved?
    We welcome any forms of collaborations as long as we share the same mission. The opportunities for collaboration are endless from tailor made jewelry collection, workshops facilitated by our beneficiaries to bulk sales. Just reach out to us.
  • I am someone who resonates with WaysOut’s social mission. How can I get involved?
    Come join our workshop, get your first sustainable jewelry and share our initiatives to your friends and family, cause changes start from. And feel free to contact us to see if there are volunteer opportunities!
  • How can I receive news about WaysOut Hong Kong?
    Subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive our newsletter and other updates such as Workshops and new jewelry collections. Don’t forget to check out our social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!
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