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We create an ecosystem that comprises 3 spectrums to create more working opportunities for our beneficiaries, and to engage the public through creative means.

We (Alison, Coco & Peggy) started Ways Out Hong Kong with a pure desire to eliminate household food waste and raise public awareness on this issue as there is still NO policy related to food waste while all our landfills are exhausted.


So we turned our idea into action and are lucky enough to have won two social innovation incubation programs of VolTra and Innovator Farm in Hong Kong.


We are funded with an amount totaling HKD$150,000 including SIE Fund. We also have gained support from Mother’s Choice, Feeding Hong Kong, Green Ladies, and Dream Impact.

three challenges to solve3.png

Why turning trash into treasure?

In Hong Kong, we throw about 3,600 tonnes of food waste into our landfills every day and 65% comes from local households. The disposal waste releases Methane gas which is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide.


Estimation suggests that about 50% of food waste could be recycled! But in reality, only about 0.05% of it has been recycled since July 2018 in town and none is from domestic households. But our efforts are very limited without government regulations.


Why not turning it into something beautiful to provoke behavioral change, so the problem could be

tackled at its root?


We were searching for ways to upcycle it to unique products. Through rounds of trials and errors, we have successfully have created #JewelryInAction, with an ultimate aim to educate our community about the seriousness of the issue and the possibilities of eliminating food waste through creative means.

How do you upcycle?

People are very curious about our upcycling process! We only collect and process fruit peels and uncooked veggie scraps for jewelry production, and would engage our beneficiaries in the steps of mixing, molding, furnishing, and assembling. Check out the graphic below to understand more.

transformation process2.png

How do you empower underprivileged women?

A study on “the connection between environmental awareness and socio-economic” in 2007 showed that environmental concern is positively associated with income as the priorities for low-income families are to meet their basic needs. Therefore, the concern for environmental issues is rather limited and ignored. 


Sustainability is relevant to everyone regardless of social classes, so we aim to achieve the idea of "Sustainability for All” by engaging underprivileged women and by offering affordable sustainable products.

But underprivileged mothers need to juggle between work and family which leaves them with limited employment options, but we see a lot of potential in them.


We thereby initiated the #MarvelMami Talent Development Program. With flexible working schedules and training, we enhance their well-being, develop their talents & skills, and meanwhile increase their awareness towards environmental sustainability.


Marvel Mami Talent Development Program is divided into three stages:

Jewelry Maker

Being our core jewelry makers, the talented #MarvelMami will learn the upcycling techniques as well as sustainable living tips.


We offer bonuses and allowances for their outstanding work to ease their daily expenses.

Creative Coach

After our #MarvelMami have mastered their jewelry-making skills, we will level up their experience as Creative Coach and provide more training, especially public speaking and communication skills, so that they can manage to facilitate public workshops.

Amazing Artisan

Creative Coaches with outstanding performances will become our Amazing Artisans. They will work together with our in-house designer and receive exclusive training on jewelry design, to create #JewelryInAction collections!

Our Team

Alison Chow

Business Development

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2019 with a Bachelor Degree majoring in Sociology and Politics, Alison is an adventurer and advocate...

IMG_7592 2.jpg
Coco Ho


Coco has been having a great interest in environmental preservation since a few years ago and has decided to further study and gain in-depth knowledge in...

IMG_7584 2.jpg
Peggy Lam

Communications & Education

Peggy possesses a background in governmental bodies, education, and nonprofits and is a strong advocate for education and sustainability...

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