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Upcycled from household food waste & handcrafted by the underprivileged women, WaysOut Jewelry is in Action as an advocate, educator, and role model.

Your purchase / own collection is a voice in the combat of food waste.







Join / Schedule a workshop with us or buy a DIY KIT

- to dig deeper and learn about how you can turn fruit peels and veggie scraps into a sustainable fashion item.



Talent Development Program

It is divided into three stages:

Jewelry Maker

Being our core jewelry makers, the talented #MarvelMami will learn the upcycling techniques as well as sustainable living tips.


We offer bonuses and allowances for their outstanding work to ease their daily expenses.

Creative Coach

After our #MarvelMami have mastered their jewelry-making skills, we will level up their experience as Creative Coach and provide more training, especially public speaking and communication skills, so that they can manage to facilitate public workshops.

Amazing Artisan

Creative Coaches with outstanding performances will become our Amazing Artisans. They will work together with our in-house designer and receive exclusive training on jewelry design, to create #JewelryInAction collections!

Underprivileged mothers need to juggle between work and family which leaves them with limited employment options, but we see a lot of potential in them.


With flexible working schedules and training, we enhance their well-being, develop their talents & skills, and meanwhile increase their awareness towards environmental sustainability.


If your charity is looking for an opportunity to provide sustainability education and handicraft training to underprivileged women, contact us for more details.

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