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  • What is Ways Out Hong Kong?
    Ways Out Hong Kong is a social enterprise based in Hong Kong and established in 2019. Turning trash into treasure, we upcycle household food waste to jewelry, and use it as a creative means to push forward environmental sustainability education and provoke behavior change in food waste reduction, and to empower young underprivileged women in the process by providing them with training and flexible work. Learn more here or check out our interview video with SCMP. .
  • How do you turn food waste into jewelry?
    We repurpose food waste, in particular fruit peels and uncooked veggie scraps, and turn it into jewelry. ​ The whole process of the upcycling takes around 48 hours, from dehydrating the food waste, grinding it to crumbs, mixing it with Bio-Epoxy from Change Climate that is derived from vegan waste and has 100% bio-content, molding the mixture into desired shapes, air-drying for 2 days, sanding the beads, assembling it with jewelry attachments, and coating. The bead colors partly come from the natural pigments of the peels of fruits and veggies. We also add colored-sparkles to make it more shimmering and eye-catching. Learn more about the process here .
  • Is food waste jewelry ethically made?
    Being ethical and eco-conscious is our first priority. We ensure every piece of our jewelry is ethically crafted, from designing, choosing jewelry materials, packaging, shipping to even engaging less-resourced groups in our operation, to echo with conscious customers and to treat our planet well. Learn more about our sustainability work here.
  • How do you collect the household food waste for upcycling?
    Ways Out team mainly collects the food waste generated from our own households but we do partner with corporates to collect their kitchen waste to create unique and exquisite corporate gifts for the clients for sustainability and community empowerment. Learn more about our corporate gift offer here.
  • Where can I purchase Ways Out HK's food waste jewelry?
    Our food waste jewelry is available for purchase on our webstore here , as well as at our consignment sites across the city including Central, Kowloon Bay, Mongkok, etc. You can check out all locations and online consignment stores here.
  • How do you empower young underprivileged women?
    Every person deserves a second chance, including our team of young single mothers. In our city, the majority of crisis pregnancies affect single girls aged 25 or under, facing physical and financial challenges post-birth while juggling childcare and work. Limited employment options, compounded by low education and scarce family-friendly policies, hinder their personal development. Despite prioritizing basic needs over environmental concerns, we believe sustainability is universal. Thus, we established the "Marvel Mami Talent Development Program" to train these mothers in various roles, providing work, skills, fair pay, and a supportive community where they can connect and thrive. Learn more about our female empowerment work here or their personal stories below.
  • How do you educate the public about food waste?
    Our initiative, utilizing food waste for jewelry, aims to raise awareness about sustainability education amidst alarming statistics on food waste. In Hong Kong, approximately 3,353 tonnes of food waste fills our landfills daily, with 68% originating from households. This waste emits methane, 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. While other nations implement policies to address food waste, Hong Kong lags behind. Through our jewelry, showcased in pop-ups, schools, and corporate events, we aim to educate and mobilize individuals for impactful change. In 2023, our "Waste Out" Leader Program, supported by the Topaz Edelweiss Foundation, empowers youths to combat food waste and enhance sustainability competencies through hybird experiential learning. Learn more about our education program here.
  • Do you offer workshops or educational programs?
    We provide diverse upcycling workshops and educational programs tailored to meet the sustainability, CSR, and CSV objectives of corporates and communities. Our offerings include a 1-hour bracelet upcycling workshop, a 2-hour food waste upcycling workshop featuring bio-enzyme or compost bucket making alongside jewelry crafting. Additionally, our "Waste Out" Leader Training Program fosters youth empowerment, shaping them into conscientious leaders equipped to tackle food waste and bolster sustainability competencies through hybrid experiential learning approaches. These initiatives align with corporate and community goals while fostering environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Learn more about collaborative projects here.
  • How do you recruit young underprivileged women and what kinds of benefits do you provide?
    We partner with local charities like Mother's Choice and Teen's Keys, dedicated to supporting young girls facing pregnancy crises. Through these collaborations, we recruit beneficiaries to our team, providing them with invaluable work experiences, bolstering their self-confidence, and cultivating essential workplace skills. Our aim is to empower them to advance into leadership roles, where they can mentor and train new mothers, fostering a supportive and sustainable community for all. We provide extensive benefits from childcare subsidies, transportation subsidies to bonuses for outstanding performance. Learn more about our female empowerment work here.
  • What impact do you have on reducing food waste in Hong Kong?
    We eschew the role of mere food waste collectors, instead addressing the issue at its source. Through diverse workshops and programs, we cultivate awareness and incite both individual and collective action to curb food waste. Since 2019, our efforts have spurred over 6,020 individual initiatives to combat this pressing issue. By engaging communities through education and empowerment, we foster a culture of responsibility and proactive involvement in food waste reduction. Our approach goes beyond surface-level solutions, aiming to instigate lasting behavioral changes and create a more sustainable future for all. Learn more here.
  • Do you collaborate with other organizations in Hong Kong?
    Yes, we collaborate with leading Corporates like Rosewood Hong Kong, HSBC, MTR, The Sino Group, Hermes, Nan Fung, alongside Universities, local schools, NGOs, social enterprises, and media. Together, we host upcycling workshops, corporate gifts, volunteer programs focusing on sustainability, youth education initiatives, and impactful public outreach campaigns. These partnerships drive our mission to promote environmental consciousness and empower communities towards a more sustainable future. Check out our impact collab to learn more.
  • Can you collect my household food waste?
    Regrettably, we're unable to collect household food waste at this time due to capacity limitations. However, we enthusiastically encourage you to participate in our workshop, where you can learn how to transform food waste into jewelry and gain valuable insights into addressing this issue. Additionally, you can support our education and female empowerment initiatives by purchasing our jewelry. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on sustainability and empower women. Shop here or schedule a workshop here.
  • How are you funded?
    Our business model, youth education program, and female empowerment initiatives receive financial backing from SIE Fund, Topaz Edelweiss Foundation, and VolTra Hong Kong. These esteemed organizations have played a pivotal role in fueling our business growth and enabling us to make significant strides in our mission. Their support underscores our commitment to driving positive change and fostering sustainability, youth empowerment, and female advancement within our community.
  • Do you ship your food waste jewelry internationally?
    Yes, we shop our food waste jewelry internationally. Shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on the destination. Learn more here.
  • How can I get involved with your mission?
    Engaging with our initiative offers various opportunities for both corporate members and individuals to contribute meaningfully. Corporate members can host upcycling workshops for staff, fostering CSR, sustainability, and team building. You can also collaborate on crafting corporate gifts from kitchen scraps, creating unique items like wine charms and jewelry. Additionally, corporate volunteers can join beneficiaries in crafting jewelry or donate their creations to charities for redistribution or fundraising. Learn more about our collaborative projects with corporate here. Individuals with skills in digital marketing, videography, photography, or SEO can volunteer to amplify our initiatives for wider exposure. Simply shoot us a quick message to start your "Turn Trash Into Treasure" Journey with us here!
  • Are there any upcoming events or initiatives?
    Stay connected and be the first to know about our latest updates! Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up-to-date with our initiatives, events, and inspiring stories. Don't miss out on exciting opportunities to get involved and make a difference. Subscribe to our e-newsletter here for exclusive content, special offers, and more. Join us in our mission to create a sustainable future and empower communities. Stay tuned!
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