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2-Hour Food Waste
Upcycling Workshop

From food waste jewelry, bio-enzyme to compost bucket making, the 2-hour Food Waste Upcycling Workshop is an all-round experience of the food waste upcycling. Put your team in awe of the food waste transformation to encourage more collective actions for a sustainable future.


Talk to us to customize your plans.

We've worked with

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The perks of thinking food waste as resource

A fun and unique

team-building activity


to engage your audience and make a collective impact towards your sustainability goals

Push forward

environmental sustainability


by rethinking food waste as a resource and committing to individual actions for a greener planet

Empower underprivileged women


by supporting their role as workshop instructor and increasing their work experience

Every minute is impactful

Impact Intro

Learn about food waste and Ways Out's work

Live Demo

Demonstrate the steps of how food waste is transformed into beads that includes mixing and molding

First-hand Upcycling

Sand already-made beads, assemble pieces together into a jewelry & furnish the product

Bio-enzyme OR Compost bucket making

Learn how to turn citrus peels into natural cleaners or

how to transform food waste into fertilizer in a bucket

Think Tank

Introduce SDGs & commit to individual actions towards "environmental sustainability"

- either in English or Cantonese

Can be specially-themed*

can shift online

Can accommodate 15 - 40 participants at your desired space

*social inclusion, gender equality or environmental sustainability

Bracelet + Bio-enzyme making with Guardforce's Staff & Their Family 

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In celebration with the Company's 45th anniversary, the staff brought their families along and joined the bracelet upcycling workshop with an extra session of the Bio-enzyme making, where the kids got a better understanding of how our daily fruit peels could be turned into useful household products, and most importantly, learned about food waste as an environmental issue.

Bracelet + Necklace 
Upcycling Workshop for Jardines' Green Month in June 2023

Jardines logo - Enlgish - white (PNG file).png

With the theme of Responsible Consumption this year, more than 20 Jardines' colleagues across the Group had great fun joining our 2-hour Jewelry Upcycling Workshop as one of the Green Month activities in hopes of getting educated about food waste and leading collective change towards a sustainable future. ​


The colleagues took it to another level by crafting two jewelry pieces and experiencing how orange peels could be transformed into bead shapes through a live demonstration. Everyone was in great awe and very excited about their masterpieces.

Get creative & impact lives with us

Talk to us now to customize your plans

to dig deeper into the details of the workshop, and learn more about our work and social impact

to let us know your preferences so we can plan out the best workshop for your team 

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