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Sustainable Choices

Being ethical and eco-conscious is our first priority. We ensure every piece of our jewelry is ethically crafted, from designing, choosing jewelry materials, packaging, shipping to even engaging less-resourced groups in our operation, to echo with conscious customers and to treat our planet well.

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We use Bio-epoxy derived from organic and vegan waste as the base material of our jewelry. It has 100% bio-content and is BPA free, which minimizes harms to the environment.

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FSC & No Bubble Wraps

We use soap bags for cushioning and FSC certified & recycled paper for packaging to make sure every item would not go directly to waste.


Water-Soluble Mailer

We use water-soluble, landfill biodegradable and non-toxic mailer bags for local and international shipping to end packaging waste.


Social Inclusion

We engage underprivileged women in our operation and production to ensure inclusive workplace, with fair work pay, trainings and flexible work hours.

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