Upcycled from household food waste & handcrafted by the underprivileged women, WaysOut Jewelry is in Action as an advocate, educator and role model. Your purchase / own collection is a voice in the combat of food waste.

《Perceive Bracelets》


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《ImPerfect Pairs》



《Perceive》Bracelet is the third chapter of the affirmative jewelry collection from WaysOut, inspired by the seven chakras, as a cycle of completion and the wheel of energy that runs through our body giving us the strength to pave our own path.


Our collection consists of seven bracelets enriched with rainbow-like Chakra, each with a vibrant color from fruit peels and veggie scraps gifted from Mother Earth. Wear it as a sign of commitment to wellness and to brighten your daily outlook!

Fruit peels and veggie scraps upcycled: dragon fruit, carrot, orange, zucchini, butterfly pea, and eggplant.