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Group Volunteer Program
on Sustainability

Create social impact by connecting your volunteers and less-resourced groups through our Group Volunteer Program on Sustainability. Either have your volunteers interacting with vulnerable groups, or donate jewelry upcycled by your volunteers to charities for redistribution or merch sales.


Talk to us to customize your sustainability plans.

We've worked with

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Volunteering goes beyond giving back

Benefits of the Group Volunteer Program

Magnify social impact

through educating kids about food waste or donating handcrafted jewelry to charities for redistribution or fundraising

Push forward

environmental sustainability


by rethinking food waste as a resource and committing to individual actions for a greener planet

Empower underprivileged women


by supporting their role as program facilitator and increasing their work experience

Two Versions Available

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Workshop with Less-Resourced

Volunteers & less-resourced communities will get to learn about food waste and upcycle food waste jewelry in a workshop together

Charity Matching

We will invite charities that serve low-income kids, the elderly, SEN students, or the disabled, etc to participate

Upcycling Workshop

Volunteers and the beneficiaries will get to upcycle jewelry together in a workshop 

Volunteer Session

Volunteers will lead an educational session on food waste within the workshop to drive behavior change among the beneficiaries

Social Impact

  • no. of beneficiaries educated

  • volunteer hours

  • work hours provided to underprivileged women

Donate Jewelry to Charities for Redistribution / Merch Sales

Each volunteer will craft 2 jewelry pieces in a workshop & one of which will be donated

Charity Matching

Select a beneficiary & we will invite our charity partner to distribute the jewelry, or to fundraise for their cause from the jewelry sales

Upcycling Workshop

Volunteers will take part in a 2-hour workshop to handcraft jewelry for themselves and for the charity

Social Impact

  • amount of charity funds generated

  • volunteer hours

  • work hours provided to underprivileged women

- either in English or Cantonese

add-on activities^ available

can shift online

Can accommodate 20 - 50 participants* at your desired space

^Bio-enzyme making or Food waste compost bucket making, or Live demo of the mixing and molding of the food waste beads

*Workshop with Less-Resourced Communities: min. 20 - 40 pax (volunteer-to-beneficiary ratio 1:1)

*Donate Jewelry to Charities for Redistribution / Merch Sales: min. 20 - 50 volunteers

Empowering Connections: MTR Volunteers Engaged with People with Disabilities in Workshop

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We co-hosted a 2-hour food waste jewelry workshop with MTR Corporation Limited for a wonderful group of people with disabilities and MTR’s volunteers. 


We always make sure to bring the best upcycling experience - so not only did the participants get to learn from an exclusive live demo of how food waste could be turned into bead form through ingredient mixing and molding, but also get to craft 2 jewelry pieces with one of which being a gift to their loved one!


Volunteer hours


people with physical disabilities engaged

HAESL's volunteers crafted jewelry with love

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In celebration of HAESL's 25th anniversary, we joined hands with Time Auction to run a 2-hour workshop on the Company's Community Day with a strong team of 40 volunteers.


Each volunteer crafted 2 bracelets and a total of 40 bracelets were donated to single mothers through our charity partner "Christian Action". On top of that, our #MarvelMami Candy took the lead in facilitating the workshop.

Social Impact Created:


Volunteer hours


Jewelry donated


hours of trainings and work provided to underprivileged women

DBS' volunteers
joined hands with kids

To benefit kids in creative and impactful way,

DBS joined our volunteer program in May 2022 by sponsoring 15 kids with our DIY KIT and engaging them through our upcycling workshop in HYBRID mode with the help of 15 lovely DBS volunteers.


Not only did the kids get to learn how to turn food waste into beautiful jewelry with the volunteers, but also explore different ways of food waste upcycling in a breakout Volunteer Session.

Social Impact Created:


Volunteer hours


Kids educated


hours of trainings and work provided to underprivileged women

Get creative & impact lives with us

Talk to us now to customize your plans,

dig deeper into the details of the Group Volunteer Program,

and learn more about our work and social impact

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