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"Waste Out" Leader Training Program

Empower youths to be action-driven leaders to combat food waste and build their sustainability competency through a hybrid experiential learning experience that includes trainings with hands-on activities and a digital mission challenge.

Talk to us to customize your plans.

We've worked with


Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School


Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College


Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Kap Yan Directors' College


Kwun Tong Maryknoll College


SKH Kei Hau Secondary School


HHCKLA Buddhist Leung Chik Wai College


Students are more powerful than you think

Social Impact Achieved


students trained to become "Waste Out" Leaders


training hours provided to students


individual actions taken to combat food waste

To educate youths about food waste and the significance of environmental sustainability to ensure a future where we can thrive

To stimulate youths' creativity to generate ideas that repurpose waste or used resources for a second life

To encourage youths to take
individual actions to combat food waste and to build sustainability competency

Experiential Learning

No boring lectures guaranteed. Students will get educated about food waste as a valuable resource through hands-on upcycling activities. Fun & engaging trainings indeed!


Fun Online Missions on Mobile App

Mission Possible! Students will explore the issue through interesting online missions and to document their changemaking journey at fingertips to stay motivated.


Peer Learning

Two is always better than one. Students will help each other out throughout the journey by reflecting on others' mission progress on the app, appreciating and learning from each other's work

Hybrid Experiential Learning Journey

2 Physical Trainings

2.5 hours each in 2 separate weeks
(at least 1 week in between)

Digital Mission Challenge

1 week in between the 2 trainings

Impact Intro

Introduce food waste, environmental sustainability and SDGs

Food Waste Upcycling

Experinece 3 kinds of food waste upcycling, from food waste jewelry, bio-enzyme to compost bucket making

Accomplish a series of missions across the city with the use of an app to explore food waste through various perspectives

Think Tank

Reflect on the whole journey and brainstorm individual action for a sustainable future

Digital Mission Challenge

Online Mission Examples


Food Waste Audit

Collect household food waste every day for 5 days in a row to understand your disposal patterns and to reshape your habits


All-Purpose Peels

Collect unwanted citrus peels and upcycle it to Bio-enzyme as natural household cleaner.


Pinky Swear

Make 3 promises to stay committed to the actions you will take to combat food waste for the sake of environmental sustainability


Bread Run by FHK

Collect surplus bread from bakeries and bring them to Feeding Hong Kong's collection points, which will be redistributed to charities the next day. 


O. Park Visit

Join the free tour at O. Park to learn about how they turn food waste into electricity


Bin  Hunt

Find one of the food waste recycling bins in town to understand its operation and to even recycle one's food waste


What the teachers & students say

It’s such a meaningful experience that we know about how serious the food wasting problem is in Hong Kong or be on the planet. At first I’m worried that the programme would be boring or dull but turn out it’s fun and meaningful

- Josie , Student from Holy Trinity College & The Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education

- either in English or Cantonese

Add-on activities available^

Suitable for Grade 10 - 12 (F3 - F5) & University students

Can accommodate 20 - 40 students at your desired space

^Farming experience; natural tie-dye from food waste workshop

"Waste Out" Leader Training Program 2023

was sponsored by 

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Empower youths to be action-driven leaders

Talk to us now to customize your plans

to dig deeper into the details of the program, and learn more about our work and social impact

to let us know your preferences so we can plan out the best training program for your students

to sponsor passionate students from local schools to become action-driven "Waste Out" Leaders for a sustainable future

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