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Want to craft your own pieces of food waste jewelry? Get a DIY KIT and Do It at home. It comes with all tools, materials and even a free step-by-step AI tutorial so you can upcycle it hassle-free, and put your loved ones in awe with your handmade jewelry.

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Two Versions Available


It comes with all the tools, parts and materials (including processed orange peels) you need to craft your own sustainable jewelry

Tech Rules

Enjoy our interactive AI chatbot tutorial that makes sure you keep up with every step of the upcycling with details and confidence

Sustainable Gifts

The jewelry will be upcycled from orange peels along with Bio-Epoxy that is derived from vegan waste and has 77% bio-content.

What our customers say

A fun upcycling experience! I managed to make 4 pieces of sparkling silver jewelry with the AI tutorial:)

- Coco Wong


1. Can my 4-year-old baby do it as well? Yes, but you as a parent have to be in close supervision. It is more fun to make the jewelry together with your child, isn’t it? Try to get your baby to do the easiest steps like (for DIY KIT version) mixing the ingredients, molding, and sanding the beads; (for Mini DIY KIT version) sanding the beads and furnishing, while you deal with the rest. Make sure your kid puts on coated gloves, goggles and any protective clothing throughout the process. 2. Would the bead color change over time? Yes, it would, which is the most fascinating part. The processed orange peels would gradually turn slightly darker over time in an enclosed environment. Take snaps occasionally and spot the differences! 3. Is the jewelry water-resistant? No. You should avoid wearing it when working out, in the shower, when doing household chores or in direct sunlight. 4. Who can I turn to when I have difficulties or questions? You can simply ask your questions in the AI chatbot tutorial. We would respond to your concerns as soon as we can.

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