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Want to discover and experience the magic of upcycling 

by creating your own #TrashyTreasure?

Get a DIY KIT and Do it at home! 


With only $438, you will get all the tools, parts and materials needed to craft unique jewelry by following our FREE step-by-step AI tutorial!


You can get to make 4 pieces of jewelry
including: 2 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace and 1 bracelet


  1. Bio-Epoxy (Part A + B) 

  2. Processed food waste + Sparkles 

  3. A silicone mixing cup and a stirring stick

  4. A silicone round mold of 12mm beads

  5. A filer

  6. A nose pliers

  7. A brush

  8. 4 packs of jewelry attachments

  9. An Invisible courier bag for returning the supplies

  10. The WaysOut Bag storing all DIY KIT supplies

  11. A FREE step-by-step AI tutorial


Add on options: 

  1. Want to send your handcrafted goodies as gifts?          Get our exclusive WaysOut packaging that includes a recycled paper box and a soap bag for cushioning, with an extra $30 (per set)!

  2. Send us back the equipment & get some money back as a REWARD because it will extend the usage of the tools for environmental sake. (Details can be found in the tutorial)


*Children under 12 require adult’s supervision when using the DIY KIT.

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